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We use a technology called windows media “wmv”. If you are using the Windows XP or newer operating platforms, all videos should function automatically when you click on them .In some cases, those using Windows 2000 or 98 may need to download new “codecs”.
  Troubleshot if you can see or hear:
  You will know you need codecs if the videos or audio do not feed correctly on your screen ,if your version of windows media player is to old you may need to download a newer version of windows media player is free just click.
  If you installed the codecs do this:
  After running through the installation program which download takes approximately 2-3 minutes,you will then need to restart your computer. This is the best technology for viewing streaming media on the web.
Instructions for downloading videos:
Place your mouse over the desired link, normaly you will find in each video page a DOWLOAD link . Right click and select the option “Save target as”, pick the file you want to save the video to, and click “save”. Download time will vary depending on your connection quality and computer system speed. Dialup downloads can take from 7-10 minutes per video. Once downloaded, you can click on “open” to view the downloaded video immediately